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Environmental Studies seniors leave a bike-friendly legacy

  This article was written by Matt Thomas for the Gustavus main page.  All Environmental Studies seniors participate in Senior Seminar projects; this is one awesome example of what our students accomplish! In 2012 when Gustavus Adolphus College administrators were negotiating a new contract with major beverage providers, Director of Dining Service Steve Kjellgren asked […]

Natural History and Conservation Biology of Tanzania (J-Term 2013)

Written by Professor Cindy Johnson (Biology & Environmental Studies) Photos by students in the class I have traveled to the Serengeti many times, yet I marvel each time as I gaze at thousands of wildebeest, zebra and Thompson’s gazelle.   There are no words to describe the vastness of the Serengeti; the animals that stretch as […]

Students Explored Wilderness Management Issues During J-Term Course

The goal of GEG 151 (Wilderness: Recreation and Resource) was to expand students’ understanding and appreciation of wilderness through an examination of recreational activities and natural resource uses. In particular, the class focused on the human dimensions of recreation and extractive activities including their historical and contemporary context, the agencies and management strategies related to […]

Environmental Geochemistry J-term class heads north

During the first week of January, Prof. Jeff Jeremiason’s Geochemistry Research Methods class took a trip to Marcell Experimental Forest, located just north of Grand Rapids, MN. The Marcell Experimental Forest is a sampling location for one of the class research projects this term. Students learned about the different wetlands and some of the current […]

Rallying to mitigate climate change

In November, 13 Gustavus students and 3 faculty attended the “Do the Math” rally in Minneapolis hosted by We heard great talks from Bill McKibben, Winona LaDuke, Marty Cobenais, Kate Faye and Will Steger, with an opening act by Mason Jennings.  We also met up with Paul Thompson, a Gustie alum and key player […]