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Dissecticon! – Gulf Oil Spill Research at Gustavus

Students helped dissect fish sampled from the Deepwater Horizon environmental disaster.

Tracking the animals

Last week, a group of Environmental Studies students strapped on their snowshoes and followed Jon Grinnell (Biology), Joel Carlin (Biology) and Laura Triplett (Geology) into the woods down by the river.   We saw deer beds, cottontail rabbit browse, shrew holes and a multitude of squirrel tracks.  It was nice to get outside and learn a […]

Lake mud may reveal environmental change

On January 6, students taking the J-Term course “Paleolimnology” (GEO 110) retrieved three sediment cores from Lake Hallett in St. Peter, with assistance from researchers from the University of Minnesota’s Limnological Research Center.  Lake sediments accumulate slowly over time, so they can record signals of environmental changes that happened before people were monitoring the lake.  […]